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The New Technology Jointly Invented by the China University of Mining and Technology and Shijiazhuang Coal Mining Machinery Co.,

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By the China university of mining &technology (Beijing) and energy stone machine company going to jointly study and invention "machine fuselage pose parameters measurement system and its method" new technology, has been the state intellectual property office granted patent of invention. The invention has been successfully applied in the national 863 key projects "coal mining equipment remote control key technology" in the study of automatic cutting molding machine, boring machine in the Inner Mongolia officer plate WuSu coal mine actual use, realize month advance 1262 meters, years footage super meters record. The invention to achieve coal mine underground unmanned working face mining provides a strong technical support, has the international leading level.

The technology through the line laser emitter, programmable computer controller, Angle sensor and other electronic element combination, can real-time measuring ?