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Rotary steel belt pastillation process technology



Based on the working principle of belt pastillator, the hot melt materials from the upstream process uniformly pastillated and distributed on a moving thin steel belt. A continuous cooling water spray unit is installed below the steel belt, which making the materials on the steel belt quickly cooled and solidified during the belt movement process. According to different material properties and process characteristics and product usage requirements, different kind of distributor can be chosen, such as pastillation, continuous strip stretching, and full width flaking to produce half round or columnar or sheet products.

The process includes: regulation and control of material status, feeding and filtration of hot melt materials; water circulating and cooling and filtering, final product collecting and conveying and storage and packing.

For continuous strip stretching, after the strip product is cooled and solidified, a cutter needs to be installed at the tail end of the rotating steel strip to obtain a columnar product. For the full width flaking process, a cracker unit needs to be installed at the discharge end of the rotating steel strip to obtain irregular shape products.

In addition, for some materials with low softening points or melting points, extra chilling units need to be installed to meet the process requirements for rapid solidification of low softening point materials.

According to physical properties and process requirements, double steel belts can also be selected to accelerate cooling of the hot melt material between the upper and lower steel belts, and to reduce the contact of material with air in hot state.

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