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Nanjing Sunup Granulation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a novel modern enterprise which develops processing equipment and technologies of powder (solid) materials. It is mainly engaged in the development of new technologies, new equipment and new craft, the manufacture of new equipment, technical consultancy and service in the granulation equipment field, and is specialized in the unit equipment and complete-set technologies of dry granulation, wet granulation and melting granulation with phase change process. Its products and technologies are widely applied to petrochemical industry, chemical industry, pharmacy, energy, environmental protection, resource development and utilization, fertilizers and pesticides, new materials, biochemical engineering, etc.

Sunup was the very professional company to be engaged in the research and development, manufacture and service of granulation equipment and complete-set technologies. It takes the initiative in the “professional research, industrialized production” in China and leads the development and progress of powder granulation equipment and technologies of China for a long term.

Sunup involves wide and complete technical scopes in the powder granulation equipment field of the world. Its granulation machines and technologies simultaneously cover three categories of wet granulation, dry granulation and melting granulation.

Sunup has high market share and wide application coverage and exports large number of products (including products exported to Europe and America) in the granulation equipment industry of China.

Sunup has a technical team which gathers people who initiated the field. Till now, Sunup has had 31 patents (including invention patents, utility models and design patents), representing high level of powder granulation equipment and technologies of present China.

The hard working and sincere dedication of the people of Sunup and the favor and support of enterprises have made Sunup truly become the “famous brand in the minds of Chinese people and permanent service beside users”.

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Nanjing Sunup Granulation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Nanjing Sunup Granulation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Nanjing Sunup Granulation Equipment Co., Ltd.

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