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Compact granulation process technology



Working principle: Under the strong squeezing force, the solid powder in the enclosed space is compressed, and plastic deformation occurs, causing the solid particles to bite, break, and rearrange with each other, resulting in the dense formation of particles with the required shape. The particle specific gravity is almost close to the true specific gravity of the material.

Main features: The rearrangement and combination of particles are formed by the plastic deformation generated by solid particles under extrusion pressure; No need to add adhesive; The subsequent process does not require drying.

In terms of the compact granulation process, various dry powder materials are added from the top of the equipment, degassed, and spiral pre pressed into the wedge-shaped cavity sealed by the roller. Under the strong pressure of the roller, the material undergoes plastic deformation and is compacted into the required shape of dense blocks (sheets).

For the granulation of irregular small particle product, thin plate or finger shaped materials are obtained by squeezing with rollers, and then through processes such as crushing, rounding, screening, and returning, granular products that meet the particle size requirements are taken out of the system. Such as activated carbon, fertilizers, various additives, and various organic and inorganic basic chemical raw materials.

For briquet shape product, the shape of the pastille needs to be determined by the concave shape on two roller faces, and the finished product can be directly obtained by pressing of two rollers. In this situation, only a few amount of flash and entrained powder need to be removed through screening before being directly packaged or stored. Such as sodium cyanide, maleic anhydride, sulfur gypsum, metal powder, mineral powder, chloride, etc.

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