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CMG Series Pear-stirring Granulator

Product description

Working principles:

Coulter stirring tooth granulator consists of horizontal type cylinder, main spindle and rotating coulter components inside the cylinder, and high-speed mixing device in the material dense-phase area below horizontal cylinder, and deviated at 450°from the vertical line in the center of the cylinder. Powdery wet materials enter into the cylinder from the charging opening in the upper side at one end of the horizontal cylinder. Affected by synchronous rotation by main-spindle-driving delivered spiral and coulter, the powdery wet materials are uniformly delivered to the discharge hole in the lower side at the other end of the cylinder, and discharged from the granulator.

When powdery wet materials move axially inside axial distance from feeding inlet to discharge outlet inside the horizontal cylinder, the materials make circumferential movement with the revolution of coulter along the inner wall of the cylinder with the action of coulter, and splash in normal direction of two sides of coulter. With dual action of rotation direction of coulter, and the gravity, materials gather at the side of high-speed stirring tooth below the cylinder. When materials flow passes through stirring tooth revolving at high speed, the materials are repeatedly and mightily scattered. With the combined action of conveying spiral, coulter, high-speed stirring tooth, and gravity, wet materials inside the cylinder are constantly exchanged, collided, spread and stirred in the process of being conveyed from feeding inlet to discharge outlet, and fine powdery materials uniformly mix and fully collide with each other within quite short period. Fine particles are thus bonded and developed into bigger and uniform particles.




Scope of application:

The coulter stirring tooth granulator is widely applied to the wet process continuous granulation of such industries as chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, pesticide, veterinary medicine, foods, feeds, feed additives, dyestuff, pigment, plastics, and auxiliaries, and continuous mixing of solid with solid, and solid with liquid (small number of liquids are added to powders).

Performance characteristics:

1. There are several groups of liquid-spreading devices at the top of the horizontal cylinder. Liquid substance or bonder is added through metering pump. In this way, liquid substance can be properly added to adjust water content in materials granulated according to the demand of granulation process.

2. Particle size ranges between 0.2 to 3.0 mm. The higher water content in materials is, the bigger the particle size is. Vice versa.

3. With the action of coulter, materials adhered to the inner wall of the cylinder are cleared all the time. Therefore, the granulator is applied to granulation of adhesive materials or materials with colloidal additives in particular.

5. Granulation status may be adjusted by adjusting the revolving speed of main spindle according to the demand of granulation. By principle, the more quickly the main spindle rotates, the higher the productivity is, and the worse the uniformity and the surface finish of the particles is; the more slowly the main spindle rotates, the lower the productivity is. However, the materials stay for a longer period, the opportunity of being collided is better. Therefore, the more slowly the main spindle rotates, the better the uniformity and surface finish of the particles is.

6. The granulator can achieve continuous, airtight, or micro negative-pressure operation. Compared with high-speed stirring tooth granulator, the coulter stirring tooth granulator features higher productivity, and the ability to effectively prevent the materials from being adhered to the wall, and low energy consumption.

Specification and model

Characteristic parameters
Inner diameter of cylinder(mm)
Effective volume(m3
Main driving power(kW)
Driving power of stirring tooth (kW)
Overall dimension(mm)
Total weight(kgf)


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