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Product description

The T3D-2 is a powerful and stable intelligent GPS locator for automotive, construction, and logistics vehicles. T3D locator can also realize continuous real-time precise positioning, track playback, ACC detection, data statistics and other functions and has various alarm modes including power failure alarm, overspeed alarm, vibration alarm, fence alarm, low power alarm and so on.

Low power consumption, easy installation, strong anti-interference, strong concealment, real-time data reporting, long track storage period, blind zone compensation, inflection point transfer, etc.


1. Power-on self-test: The terminal will perform self-test after booting. If there is a fault, it will be indicated by indicator light.

2. Remote control: The analog signal relay is used to lock the car. The terminal externally connects 1 relay to realize the lock/unlock function. After the platform locks the car/unlock command, the terminal performs the relay lock/unlock.

3. Real-time positioning: Timing upload position information after the terminal is powered on, timing report interval 30S

Multiple positioning mode: GPS/Beidou positioning, auxiliary, A-GPS positioning (assisted search star), LBS (base station positioning), WIFI positioning.

4. Tracking function: The terminal can return the current location information in real time according to the tracking interval set by the monitoring center.



Application scenario

Application scenario: 1 hour back: 180 days of historical track playback

Play back the 180-day historical track at any time, and the actual speed, direction, and

Residence time, etc.

Help you change your driving habits, save fuel, and travel green.



Application scenario 2 precise positioning: 3D real shot street view

What the eyes see is the map, and the strange environment is clear at a glance.



Application Scenario 3 Security Wall: Electronic Fence

Take the car as the center and draw a circle on the map. When the vehicle crosses the circle, the device will send a reminder in time.


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