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Product description

The GV-T516W-2 is a portable locator terminal with long standby capability. It is simple and elegant and can be installed on any moving target. It combines the GSM+GPS wireless communication network system positioning technology, built-in super lithium battery, can be used for 3 years every day to open the positioning, suitable for sales vehicles, rental vehicles, fixed assets, etc.; products with strong waterproof and dustproof Ability, with positioning service platform, can realize remote management of vehicles.

It integrates GSM/GPRS mobile communication and GPS satellite positioning. It can realize the monitoring of vehicles/goods through GSM/GPRS communication technology, LBS base station positioning and GPS positioning technology, combined with flexible configuration of multi-mode of monitoring center and powerful map function. track.

Compact and compact, with a special waterproof design and IP67 protection; advanced high-capacity safety battery design, no external power supply for more than 3 years





Positioning function: support GPS satellite positioning, LBS positioning mode;

Location upload function: support to upload terminal location by GPRS/SMS, currently GPRS-based;

Emergency tracking function: Through the center, emergency tracking of continuous positioning can be initiated for the terminal;

Emergency tracking can be stopped at any time during the tracking process;

Cancel the tracking when the tracking instruction has not yet taken effect;

Sleep power saving function: Through the center, the working mode of the terminal can be flexibly configured, and the terminal can obtain longer standby time by positioning the more power-saving LBS base station;

Application scenario:


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