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Product description

GV-OBD vehicle terminal is used to collect driving ECU related data through OBD interface, integrate GPS, upload data to the server through GSM network, provide vehicle physical examination, vehicle trajectory, accurate travel report, fuel consumption analysis, driving behavior analysis And other functions of the car terminal.


● GSM/GPRS quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

● Built-in GSM antenna

● Built-in GPS antenna

● Operating voltage range 9V to 29V

● Automatic identification support vehicle diagnostic protocol

● Plug and play, easy to install

● Industrial grade module, suitable for long-term continuous work, strong anti-interference ability

● Ignition and flameout report, automatic stalling after flameout, low power consumption

● Support process upgrade

● Built-in GPS can accurately locate the specific location of the vehicle, support base station positioning and A-GPS

● Built-in 3D acceleration sensor

● Automatic turning compensation and high-speed compensation for smooth and smooth trajectory

● Large-capacity FALSH storage, automatic data transmission in blind areas

● Accurate mileage analysis, fuel consumption analysis and driving behavior analysis, not only provide mileage fuel consumption analysis for single trips, but also provide mileage fuel consumption analysis for speed division.

● Support more than 10 kinds of alarms such as vehicle medical examination, automobile engine failure, maintenance reminder, throttle cleaning, battery loss, etc.

● The equipment can not only support the OBDII protocol model perfectly, but also support the models that do not support OBDII.

The basic GV-OBD is an in-vehicle terminal that collects data related to the car ECU through the OBD interface and uploads the data to the server through the cellular network to provide functions such as vehicle medical examination, vehicle trajectory, travel report, and fuel consumption data.

The standard GV-OBD vehicle terminal is used to collect car GPS related data through the OBD interface, and upload data to the server through the GSM network, providing vehicle medical examination, vehicle trajectory, accurate travel report, fuel consumption analysis, driving behavior, engine work Vehicle terminal with functions such as real-time operation analysis and reverse control. According to customer requirements, we can provide field effect network connection interfaces such as hotspot wifi and ad hoc network.

The customized GV-OBD series vehicle terminal is based on positioning technology, on-board diagnostic technology, and network communication technology. According to the specific needs of customers, the differentiated functional module configuration can be defined to create customized features. It provides drivers with vehicle location, vehicle condition detection, message reminder and driving behavior optimization services. The equipment is easy to install and plug and play. Standard vehicle diagnostic interface for commercial OBD interface models.


1. Instant vehicle location service: real-time vehicle location tracking, segmented historical trajectory, multiple electronic fences, accurate operation of the operation, and scientific scheduling

2, online car application for a single: use the car to apply for a car online, lead mobile phone approval, the administrator sent a single to the driver's mobile phone, to achieve paperless car process management

3. Accurate accounting with vehicle cost: The system automatically calculates the daily operating expenses of the fleet: fueling costs, maintenance costs, insurance/maintenance fees, etc., and displays them through visual charts.

4, comprehensive intelligent alarm prompt: real-time monitoring of vehicle abnormal conditions: car machine removal alarm, in/out area alarm, overspeed alarm, vehicle violation reminder, etc.

5, vehicle status remote diagnosis: remote detection of vehicle faults to ensure driving safety; administrators to manage vehicle faults, to provide a basis for checking vehicle maintenance costs

6. Accurate statistics of mileage fuel consumption: Accurately calculate the mileage, fuel consumption and vehicle time data of the daily vehicles of the enterprise, and display them through the histogram to truly grasp the use of the vehicle.









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