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Complete Sets of Wet Granulation Technology

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Working Principle: SE screw extrusion granulator series include SES type and SET type and the extrusion modes include front discharging and side discharging. Wet materials subjected to mixing and kneading or materials with low softening point (generally lower than 50℃) are extruded out of the open-hole template on the machine head under the action of screw delivery and extrusion, and granular finished products are obtained through drying or cooling, so that the powdery products are changed into uniform granular products. The granules are cylindrical and the diameters of the finished granules are adjusted and controlled by the bore diameter of the template: 0.7-2.0mm for side discharging, 1.5-12mm for front discharging, granulation rate ≥95%.

Application Range: Widely applied to products requiring granulation in industries such as rubber chemicals, food additives, plastic additives, catalysts, pesticides, dyes, pigments, daily chemicals and pharmacy.

Main Advantages:

Because the granulation of the powdery materials is finished in wet condition, so that the operation conditions of the granulation and subsequent processes (such as drying and packaging) are greatly improved. Generally 90% of dust flying on the site can be eliminated.

Through granulation, phenomena such as caking, bridging and pulsation, which influence use and are easy to happen, of the powdery products can be avoided. At the same time, secondary pollution brought by the powder during use can be avoided and the physical properties of the products are greatly improved.

Under general circumstance, the bulk specific weights of the granulation products are greatly improved, so that the transportation, storage and packaging spaces are saved.

For products made by compounding and blending multiple components, the granulation can avoid the aliquation of the components so as to really guarantee the quality of the compound products.