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Complete Sets of Melting Granulation Technology

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≡ ≡ ≡『Disk Vibrating Dryer』 ≡ ≡ ≡

Working Principle: Under the action of the two-dimensional exciting force and hot wind, the materials to be dried, which are added continuously from the top, moves one cycle along the circumference on the disk, fall to the lower layer of disk, and are continuously discharged out of the machine from the last layer in the end; hot wind enters the air inlet on the top and vertically and upwardly penetrates all layers one by one from the bottom layer through the central honeycomb duct, so that the materials are fluidified and dried and the tail gas is discharged out of the dirt catcher from the air outlet on the top.

Application Range:The machine is suitable for drying loose powdery and granular materials with wide size distribution and low humidity ratio.

Main Advantages:

The combined action of mechanical vibration and hot wind make the materials to be dried well fluidified, so that the machine is especially suitable for materials with wide size distribution and critical fluidization velocity and bringing-out speed hard to determine or control.

The hot wind penetrates the material layers for several times and the thermal efficiency is high. It is especially suitable for drying materials with low humidity ratio and can save 10-30% energy when compared with single-bed drying machines.

Drying disks adopt split type fast assembly connection mechanism. So that the number of disk can be conveniently adjusted according to demands so as to increase or reduce the drying area.